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Visiting the Boca Spine & Wellness Center is almost similar to visiting a doctor. The setting you will find is almost similar. The procedures for intakes are also common to the ones you have in other physicians. There is nothing much that you will expect in that office because there is only the basics. Don’t expect heavy machinery or huge healthcare providers as many people think especially due to the complex title ‘chiropractic.’ The only unique element in the setting is the treatment table. This table is special to allow for movements during Boca Raton chiropractor adjustments and also specific positioning.

The intake

There is nothing special about the intake. You will be surprised to find that you are familiar with most of the things involved. There is physical examination as well as answering questionnaires about your general heath currently and previously. They will ask you to indicate on drawings the exact area where you are experiencing pain or they can determine it manually by applying pressure and indicating the patients’ response. Areas under pain will make patients respond more actively than the pain free areas. This is the basis of determining the treatment plan to be used.

Physical examination

This is where the final touches are done to determine the areas under pain. The spine is examined entirely as well as other related areas. If there were other pain problems in the past, they are also closely examined to determine if they still are responsible for the pain. This is because the pain could reappear in other places but still be linked to the former pain cause.

X-rays are also taken often to determine the condition it is in. this creates a better picture of what the problem is and hence the right treatment plan can be chosen out of the many. This is the contributing factor to the targeted chiropractic treatment because back pain may be constant in many patients but the causatives may vary. Physical examination also includes other assessments like tests on motion ranges, palpation, comparison of muscle strengths, reflex testing, orthopedic tests and neurological tests.

Treatment plans

For this to be effective, it has to consider the patients’ general health, injury extent or irritation, spine condition and previous or age effects. The other factor is the patient’s intention or goal. There is the main reason unto why you are seeking chiropractic care and hence that should be taken into account. Some will want pain relieved and others will be looking for general health improvement.

Typical treatments

This is the spinal adjustments. You can expect of an adjustment of any form because that is the basics of chiropractic. To align body structures how they are supposed to be. This is done by use of controlled forces on the areas of concern. This involves some techniques for safety reasons and hence you should visit a chiropractor.